How to Avoid the Google Slap (Google AdWords)

What is the Google slap? The Google slap refers to an update by Google on how it ranks and prices Google AdWords. In the past advertisers would place unscrupulous Buy Google Reviews untruths in their advertising which would have a large click-through rate (CTR). However the searcher wouldn’t receive the information that they were looking for which reduces Google’s credibility as a search engine. Google cottoned on to this and now uses sophisticated tracking to provide a quality score (QS) for your website. A high QS means that searchers:

Ads which were found to have a low quality score were penalised by Google, greatly reducing exposure and increasing the cost per click (CPC) for good exposure. In this article I’ll show you how to avoid being penalised and instead be rewarded by Google; so that you can have good exposure and lower CPC.

Using Google AdWords effectively

First of all you want to forward a friendly URL domain name to your lead capture page (a page which offers benefits for filling in a sign up form) using masking. This does a couple of things; It removes any bad reputation from the lead capture page and it makes the URL easy to remember for the searcher. Now this is a good solution to start with as replicated lead capture page is engaging, useful, proven to make money. However eventually when you’re making 10+ leads

per day you want to go ahead and create your own custom capture page as you have more flexibility with selecting keywords and Google will like it because it has unique content. Your landing page should deliver on the promises of your ad immediately. The related content be hidden behind links or other user interactions. Make sure your title/theme is relevant to the keyword. It want to load fast and not have too much text to read through. It should also be easy to

navigate, with no broken links or link loops. It should be hand written with original content. Secondly you want to have a reasonable bid for competitive keywords. A high bid helps removes Google’s stereotype of lead capture pages.You don’t want to be bidding higher than $1 to start with as may not make a return on investment (ROI). Google with give you a recommended minimum bid to get good exposure. If this is too expensive then try using a different keyword. You also want to control your budget, make sure you set the minimum spend to around $10-15 per day to start with or you could lose a lot of money.

You want to write attractive ads. If you want to know how to do this then I recommend the copy writers guild, contact me for details. Using the keywords in the ad may increase QS because it’s tailored to what the searcher is looking for. Aim to surprise, shock or be controversial in order to get attention. Make sure your ad stands out; put in the keyword to see how the current ads look and make yours different. If you are not able to get at least a 1% CTR then re-write your ad.

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